Our services

Examination and consultation

Long-term working experience as well as the state of the art equipment and materials serve as the guarantee that each of our patients will be provided with top quality dental care at any time.

Cosmetic and conservative dentistry

- aesthetic fillings
- composite veneers
- replacing old amalgam fillings with the composite fillings
- tooth whitening
- inlays/ onlays

Endodontics- root canal treatment

Modern treatment is based on the precise mechanical cleaning and shaping of the root canal, thorough rinsing, strong disinfection and precise sealing of the root canal system.


Mobile and fixed prosthesis

- partial and total acryl prosthesis
- vizil prosthesis
- valplast (flexible) prosthesis
- metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
- metal-free crown and bridges

Oral medicine and periodontal disease

- removal of dental calculus and plaque
- teeth polishing
- laser treatment of periodontal disease
- treatment of soft tissue in mouth cavity


Oral surgery and implantology

- tooth extraction
- apicoectomy and cistectomy
- extraction of impacted teeth
- dental implants


Pediatric and preventive dentistry

- preventive fissure sealing
- fluoride treatment
- dental disease treatment of primary teeth
- painless extraction of primary teetha



- mobile and fixed orthodontic dentures



Digital radiography

- imaging of individual teeth
- orthopanomography
- sinusitis imaging
- jaw joint imaging
- neck imaging
- hand imaging and shoulder imaging




Working hours

Monday to Friday 7 am-7 pm , Saturday 7am-1pm. The best way to be sure of our team's expertise and the quality of the provided services is to come and see for yourself.



The specialized dental practice "Dr Bora " is located in the heart of Pirot.

Adress:Street Knjaza Milosa 11-13s
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E-mail: ordinacijadrbora@yahoo.com